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About me


My name is Vyacheslav Levit.

Where are you from?

I am from Odessa, Ukraine.


I know five languages. Two of them, Russian and Python, are my native languages. I have a dream to learn Kobaïan.


I can play the violin a little bit1, do a handstand and do a legstand.


I like all free stuff: free software, free jazz and carcinogen-free fries.

Bad habits

I do not smoke. I do drink milk a lot.

Religion, Church

Yep, Emacs.

Value system

I appreciate straightforwardness in people and fastforwardness in git merges.

  1. So far I can only play 4'33" of John Cage (in ensemble). 


  • Francisco
    06 Sep 2018, 15:17

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to use your notify-send.sh script to improve the operation of another script that I'm using to switch between different modes on a Wacom drawing tablet, on Linux. The idea is to get the notifications, after the mode changes, to close immediately, and can see instantly in which mode I am, after pressing the mode change button.

    That is, each notification instantly cancels the previous one.

    The script for my script I got from here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1380744&page=32

    This is my script:


    check if mode_state file exists, if not create it and set to 0

    if [ ! -f /tmp/mode_state ]; then echo 0 > /tmp/mode_state fi

    read mode state value from temporary file

    MODE=cat /tmp/mode_state

    select touch ring mode status LED for current mode state

    echo $MODE > /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/wacom_led/status_led0_select

    for DEVICE use the pad "device name" from 'xinput list'

    DEVICE="Wacom Intuos Pro L Pad pad"

    DEVICE="Wacom Intuos Pro L Pad pad"

    set touch ring function option and notification for the 4 toggled modes

    if [ "$MODE" == 0 ]; then xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelUp "key Ctrl +" # scroll up xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelDown "key Ctrl -" # scroll down notify-send -t 1000 "Modo 1: Zoom" elif [ "$MODE" == 1 ]; then xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelUp "key 4" # increase brush radius (must be mapped in GIMP) xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelDown "key 6" # decrease brush radius (must be mapped in GIMP) notify-send -t 1000 -i /home/fran/icon/touchring.png "Modo 2: Rotación" elif [ "$MODE" == 2 ]; then xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelUp "key 8" # zoom in xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelDown "key 9" # zoom out notify-send -t 1000 "Mode 3: Tamaño del pincel" elif [ "$MODE" == 3 ]; then xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelUp "key Ctrl z" # select previous layer xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" AbsWheelDown "key Ctrl Shift z" # select next layer notify-send -t 1000 "Mode 4: Deshacer/hacer" fi

    toggle button increment counter

    MODE=$((MODE += 1))

    set next mode state

    if (( "$MODE" > 3 )); then # roll over to 0, only 4 mode states available echo 0 > /tmp/mode_state else echo $MODE > /tmp/mode_state fi

    I have tried using the property that allows you to close notifications of your script, although I have not been able.

    Another option that I would be interested in, would be to be able to modify the text contained in a single notification, with each mode change (maybe with --replace-file?).

    I would appreciate any ideas that could help me.

    Keep in mind that I am an artist, and I do not know anything about programming.

    Thanks for your work and greetings,


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