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My Personal Projects


  • xatk is a window switcher for X11 which activates windows by keybindings. There are a few blog posts about xatk in Russian (by me and few others): 1, 2, 3, 4 and blog post on xatk 0.2 in English. Also there is a documentation on Read the Docs.



  • q10r is a very simple questionnaire app. There is a questionnaire demo and results.


  • notify-send.sh is a compatible notify-send replacement with ability to change and close existing notifications.

  • FLAC-Convert is a script which converts FLAC audio to lossy formats incrementally utilizing several CPU cores. I'm a contributor, not the author.

  • unisync is a Unison (file synchronizer) wrapper. It simplifies configuration for multiple replicas and running Unison from command line.

  • mnuc is a script that sets current playing song's album cover as background for ncmpcpp running from urxvt.

  • transmission-batch-move is a script which can "explain" Transmission that all (or many) files are moved somewhere. The script does the job by editing Transmissions' resume files.

  • close-all-windows is a simple script which closes all open windows and optionally waits until they are closed.