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Why I'm not using Facebook, VKontakte, etc.

  • The personal page on Facebook makes you feel you are no different from other N billion people: the consistent look, the similar info on everybody's page.
  • Facebook personal page encourages you to show off, share your personal data publicly as much as possible. I don't feel like I have a need for this.
  • Facebook owns your personal data and takes decisions on how to use your data on its own.
  • Facebook encourages you to visit their website often. So they can make more money from ads. I don't like it, I would prefer to have ability to read everything with a feed reader with no ads instead.
  • Facebook is used by many for messaging. I would prefer not put all my personal communication under control of single company. There are many other decentralized chat services and the old plain email is still good for many use cases.
  • Facebook is very centralized. All the information about everyone has been accessible by state intelligence organizations. You might think it's not a big deal for you. Though you might be wrong. Watch this video: Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters.